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Hotel du Porge - Soirée étape pour les professionnels

Discover the village of Herbe

We are delighted to introduce you to one of the region's hidden gems: the charming village of "l'Herbe", nestled near the legendary Cap-Ferret.


Imagine yourself immersed in an authentic and peaceful atmosphere, far from the daily hustle and bustle. L'Herbe offers you a journey back in time, where local traditions and scenic beauty blend harmoniously. As you stroll through its picturesque streets, you will be won over by the warm atmosphere that emanates from the typically oyster houses, with their shimmering colors, which border the river.


Seafood lovers will be delighted by the freshness of locally caught oysters and seafood, served in the authentic oyster cabins of l'Herbe. You can taste these delights in an idyllic setting, with your feet almost in the water, with a breathtaking view of the Arcachon basin.

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